mardi 17 octobre 2017


By Bernard Bujold - 
Cyrille Estève (65), one of Montreal's most famous street musicians, is about to retire. 
Indeed, after playing a wooden spoon for 20 years in front of the department store Ogilvy on Sainte-Catherine Street West, the musician will cease his activities at the end of October 2017! 


By Bernard Bujold - 
Bombardier sold 50.01% of its assets in the C SERIES project to Airbus. 
While some are delighted by the rescue of the Quebec company by a European giant, other observers fear the same fate for the jewel in Quebec as that experienced by Alcan ... 
The new limited partnership controlled by Airbus will continue to operate with the Government of Quebec as its third largest shareholder. 
And to circumvent the trade block with the United States, Airbus is committed, once the transaction is completed by the end of the second quarter of 2018, to transform its plant in Mobile, Alabama, into the assembly plant of the C Series. The aircraft that will be assembled there will be considered as US aircraft and will thus be able to escape US countervailing duties. 
The strangest clause of this surprise transaction remains the two options granted to the two largest shareholders of the new limited partnership, Airbus and Bombardier, which they can each exercise at their convenience. Indeed, seven and a half years after completion of the transaction, at the end of 2025, Airbus will have the option of making an offer to acquire all of the shares held by Bombardier in the C Series at fair market value . Conversely, by the end of 2025, Bombardier may require Airbus to redeem its entire interest in the C Series at its fair market value. Beginning in 2023, the 19% interest that Investissement Québec holds in the C Series may be acquired by the limited partnership, and ultimately by Airbus. 
In other words, Bombardier clearly intends to dispose of all its shares in the C Series once the program reaches its alleged full production rate by 2025, leaving Airbus the sole prime contractor for the program. 

jeudi 12 octobre 2017


by Bernard Bujold- 
The universal questioning: Does God exist? The two fundamental questions by humans facing God: "What is the origin of the universe and how life began on earth; and the most important: where do we go after our human life?" 
The debate about God is divided into two groups: those who believe in an eternal god and those who believe in pure science. 
Dan Brown's new novel "ORIGIN" uses this questioning between God and science to develop the story of his book. 
In fact, his novel focuses on the advances of the computer vis-à-vis humans, in particular the voice recognition. The many chapters of the book on artificial intelligence are profoundly captivating for technology lovers, but will terrorize the humanists and those who believe in the supremacy of the human. 
The novel does not offer a definitive answer to the questioning of God but Dan Brown shows us an obvious fact: the machine is already capable of replacing the human and even do better! His narrative is serious and reflects the current scientific reality but the text is also romanticized to the flavor of a polar as only Brown is able to do it! 
Also, the place of his novel is totally in the news since most of the action is happening in Spain...  
Personally I am not a believer of any religion even though I have several friends in the Catholic religion. Since I grew up in a presbytery while my aunt was the servant of the parish priest in the Gaspé region, I have always retained much affection for the atmosphere of the churches of the Catholic religion but I consider that all religions are community-based organizations that are very useful to society but are politically managed and have nothing to do with God as such. Besides, we may question, assuming that the religious god exists, what religion is it? Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, or other? And if we push the question even further, what about the devil? 
If for many, life is a creation of an all-powerful god, there are many other who coldly believe that the universe and life are the work of pure science. And if religions place the world at the center of the universe, science places the earth as a simple particle among the infinity of stars and solar systems. A theory even wants that the machine (the computer) will totally replace one day human life in the universe. If the machine succeeds in reproducing itself, it will then become eternal. 
As far as I am concerned, I believe that God is in each one of us who are at the same time in our soul: god and devil. The universe is a sum of energy and this energy rests on a scientific equilibrium. This energy includes light, fire, planets, stars, our sun, etc. Each of us is surrounded by this energy and, through our interaction with our small near-universe (the planet earth and its components), we become sometimes god (good) or sometimes devil (evil ) according to our current decisions and actions.  
Evidently this is a hypothesis, as for life, like as for God, both remains a mystery for each of us, myself included! And a mystery is sometimes the best value! 
When I was a teenager, I remember one night watching the stars in the sky while I was lying by a lake. After a moment I was seized with giddiness in my gaze at the infinite depths of the stars and I had stopped watching so much the fear of losing myself took hold of me. 
Conclusion: The mystery is more pleasant if one ceases to want to solve it and if one simply accepts the present moment of life! In addition, in my case, I love the machines ... 

jeudi 5 octobre 2017


CHRISTYNA PELLETIER is back in town 
By Bernard Bujold - 
Former restaurateur Christyna Pelletier (SOUPÇON COCHON), and one of my friends on Facebook, had to close her excellent restaurant a few months ago. 
I have just learned that she is now involved in development and public relations for "Parrainage Civique  Montreal", a self-help group that supports people with intellectual disabilities in their integration and participation in society. 
Christyna is organizing a first fundraising evening under the theme ZOMBIES on Friday, October 13th! TV host Chantal Lamarre will be in attendance as well as Italian singer Marco Calliari, who is also the compagnon of Christyna ... 
The evening will be in partnership with the Expression Italia dance school and more than 20 members with intellectual disabilities will perform a choreography adapted from Thriller (Michael Jackson) in order to charm the team of judges of the evening. 
DANSE.O.TOWN aims to raise public awareness of the cause of adults with intellectual disabilities. Having chosen dance as an engine of stimulation and gathering, it is an event of integration, human gratification and personal development for members with intellectual disabilities. 
All profits from the event will go to the self-help organization. 
The details of the evening on the Facebook page. 
Good luck Christyna and congratulations for your return to town!


By Bernard Bujold - 
The columnist Luc Lavoie made a serious mistake and it is not his joke but his immediate apology! 
Indeed, by writing on his Facebook that his comment was odious, he came to give credibility to the vague accusations from his opponents on Internet networks. His response demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the current techniques surrounding social media, which is rather surprising for the expert than he is in the field of traditional media. 
I knew Luc Lavoie in many moments during my former lives: first in Ottawa where he was a parliamentary correspondent and I was an assistant with Brian Mulroney; in Montreal at National when he was a partner of Luc Beauregard and me the communications manager at Quebecor; and finally directly to Quebecor when he took over my position of Director of Communications with Pierre-Karl Péladeau while I had previously held the same position but for the founding father. 
Luc Lavoie is a guy who seems abrupt with his voice too serious to be sympathetic but who is very generous in intimacy towards his friends. 
On the professional level, Luc loves to improvise! When he was a journalist in Ottawa, he was recognized by his TV team to wait until the last minute before finalizing his reports and very often he acted "ad lib" in front of the cameraman. At the time it worked well but it was before social media. 
Today, even Brian Mulroney admits that he would not really know how to manage public relations with social media. 
Donald Trump is one of the few politicians who understood the trick. The machine must be continually energized and the subject (scandal) of the day must be fed by another on tomorrow and another the next tomorrow. It can become breathless unless you like the rhythm ... One must also never apologize for the scandal of the day! 
In the case of Luc, he should have returned the next day with another joke but he made the mistake of apologizing immediately after his broadcast admitting that he had been totally odious. He panicked and when we panic, we fall. 
Donald never apologizes and he keeps putting it on. That is what makes him strong. Never panic! 
Pierre Peladeau said that life is like bicycling. If you stop pedaling, you fall ... 
The career of Luc Lavoie is finished because for TVA, Luc has become a distraction rather than an added value. The logic for the TV network is to simply move on to something else to make forget this fall... 

mercredi 4 octobre 2017


By Bernard Bujold - 
The new novel ORIGIN by Dan Brown have all the parts for another world great best seller! It start with an universal question: " Does the world is the creation of GOD or the result of SCIENCE? 
But Brown style is unique as he always adds tourism in his story and a nice polar enigma! And on top of that, he created some very attracting characters like the professor Robert Langdon who is always with a very beautiful woman, this time the director of the museum in the story. 
Dan Brown took four years to write ORIGIN. 

dimanche 1 octobre 2017


By Bernard Bujold - 
The Quebec literary Fall Season 2017 will be great and dozens of new creations arrive in bookstores including the new novel by Denis Monette LES ENFANTS DE MATHIAS. 
Monette is a writer who always reaches thousands of readers with each of his works. He writes in an easy-to-read style that also perfectly reflects the Quebec society he tells. 
In LES ENFANTS DE MATHIAS, Denis Monette presents the account of a widower, Mathias, who is a plumber by trade and who loses his wife to find himself alone with his three children. He remarries and the family will increase by four more children with his new wife. 
The novel could be described as a chronicle of life during the decades following the first wife death in 1930. Denis Monette says that this novel comes to conclude his career as a writer who has sold more than a million copies since its beginning.